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How Nuuk works ?

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Trying to get information from the multiple platforms in you company (i.e. wiki, issue tracking system, calendars, employees platform) some times is difficult, bored and annoying. Specially when the search doesn't throw the right results.

Nuuk helps you to find in different sources from one single place.

Even better, you don't need more platforms to look at, enable our bot directly in your HipChat, Slack o Skype for your teams and let members get the right help from there.

Business/Platform/QA people, developers, manual testers and product owners could benefit at the same time

Let's say you would like to have a simple FAQ and the ability to get to your customers whenever they have concerns.

With Nuuk you can publish certain questions for your customers and give them the chance to communicate you their concerns.  Your answers stick to the history for others to see and help.

  • Organize your content by topics
  • Search by word or phrases
  • Mark any post as useful or obsolete
  • Use the Back End Admin to customize your landing page
  • Any Administrator can control what is posted

Look at a few examples using Nuuk:

for Confluence for HipChat

We are working on more features but the list above shows a few.

  • One search  for everything.
  • Add side comments  for clarification.
  • Notifications  by topic or by watching items.
  •  through Google / Facebook or by using your email address.
  • Gamification  for keeping your site organically maintained by your team and/or users.